March 23rd    NEW SINGLE ACROSS 29th Street IS AVAILABLE!
TOUR DATES    2020
Jun 12-14

South Mountain Fairgrounds

Biglerville PA           June 13th  TBD

May 18th      New Single Waitin' On Something Fine Now                       Available!

Everything is omnipresent, all our experiences a piece of us today. Friends and family members gone, but with us in Spirit. It’s the same way with places, how we were in those times, that part of us still alive, “Waitin’ on Something Fine.”
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Waitin' On Something Fine - The Trainjumpers
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Here’s a little ditty about the time we’re living in, when love is sometimes hard to find. The Trainjumpers have much love for you, though, and even if we can’t perform in person, we still have some sounds to give. Brand spanking new “Across 29th Street” is the first and more’s to come over the next few weeks. Share it around for us good people and we hope to see y’all soon.


March 30th    Get Down With The Trainjumpers June 13th!

Come get down with THE TRAINJUMPERS at the GRATEFUL GETDOWN  5. June 12th -14th. 


Come get down with THE TRAINJUMPERS at the GRATEFUL GETDOWN  4. June 28 -30th. 

Going Home - The Trainjumpers
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February 11th      New Single Going Home Now Available!

Home is the solace, the shelter, wherever that may be, sometime you just need to get yourself “Going Home.” We hope everyone out there with their ears on cuts their own roads and they lead home to something real. Thanks to our brother Joe Zelek, who opened his home to us, recording, mixing and mastering this music. Much love good people!

January 27th      My Uncle Now Available!

Check out our new single "My Uncle"., Availible on Itunes and Spotify! Tour Dates Coming soon. 


April 20th   Last Train to Charlottesville now availible!

It’s been a little while, but we’re back with the same funky, soulful vibes you’ve grown to expect from The Trainjumpers. We are super excited to debut our new single, “Last Train to Charlottesville”, which will be featured on our upcoming E.P. that’s set to be released this summer. Brian spent the last 8 years touring with the Hackensaw Boys, while Matt and Scotty have been playing their share of roots rock as well. Together, they’re excited to be back in the studio and on the road bringing their sounds to old and new markets. As usual, visual artist Chris Gorby killed it on the cover for this single, which was engineered and mixed by our buddy Joe Zelek. Huge thanks to Corey Knollinger for shooting and producing the video.


We are proud to bring you our latest, which will be available on all digital formats 4/20/18

January 12   The Trainjumpers Summer Tour

The band is excited to get back on the road for the first time since 2014. "We'll be working on new markets the band has never been before," said Brian Gorby. "I'm really excited to take Scotty and Matty to places where they haven't played." 

The new markets include Knoxville TN, Asheville NC, and Charlotte NC. "Those communities support good original music, so we're looking forward to bringing our sound to those great markets ," said Gorby. Check the website regularly as new tour dates are being booked regularly. 

DECEMBER 26   The Trainjumpers Back in the Studio

"We can't wait to get into the studio and record some new music, put up content," said drummer Brian Gorby. The band recently convened in Joe Zelek's home studio to record a new song, "Last Train." Veteran songwriter/producer Zelek would be a great person to produce the band's new music, Gorby said. "Joe is laid back and great to hang out with, and he gets good sounds." Trainjumpers guitarist Matt Heusel and bassist Scotty Harkness have worked with Joe on his solo stuff as well as the Zelek-led Americana band Rust Belt Kings, under which moniker the group released its "Radio" EP.

NOVEMBER 15   Coming Off Hiatus!

The Trainjumpers had been on hiatus since 2014, with drummer Brian Gorby busy touring internationally with the acclaimed Hackensaw Boys, lending his considerable rhythmic talents to the string trio playing the Charismo. "Playing Charismo with Hackensaw Boys has taken me to places I've never played before and that I never thought I'd ever get the chance to play," said Gorby.  "But it'll also be nice to get to play again on the (drum) kit with my soul brothers Matty and Scotty," said Gorby. One of Gorby's recent treasured experiences with the Hackensaw Boys was getting the chance to record an album with Americana legend Larry Campbell, musical partner with the late, great Levon Helm.